SPIE Randy Cross

“Projection has worked diligently with SPIE to meet our expectations and budgets and provide value-added services. We appreciate the goal of maintaining a consistent team to work on SPIE events and the high customer service touch they give to our presenters.  We feel that Projection is an extension of our staff and they have proven to be professional, dedicated, friendly staff that contribute immensely to the success of the conduct of our technical sessions. In particular, we appreciate the willingness of their team to field any question we may have and provide excellent information to answer our questions thoroughly and in a timely fashion.  We also appreciate how Projection partners with us to strive for efficiency in labor and equipment, to make suggestions of new equipment that could benefit us, and help us solve last minute requests when those occur.

Projection is good about getting us timely and accurate estimates on inquiries of added set-ups and equipment so we can make decisions promptly.  They provide technical expertise that aids in designing special sessions and special events as well as the design and implementation of our prestigious awards ceremony at our largest event. They can provide specialized personnel with specific talents relating to such events. When we decided to capture the presentations at a number of our events, Projection provided a number of alternatives, the pros and cons, as well as costs associated with each so we could make the best decision for our needs.  We have found these captures to be valuable and appreciate the key role Projection has played in making that a successful endeavor for us.

We also find the billing from Projection to be timely and accurate.  It is nice to be able to count on accurate bills to result in timely payment and wrap up of our meeting finances.  Whenever there is a question, [the team] is excellent at providing the needed explanations and backup needed to verify any questioned items.

Overall, we have nothing but good things to say about our experience with Projection Presentation Technology and their commitment to the success of our events, the success of our planning and implementation, and the attainment of budgets.  We would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions of potential new customers relating to our experiences with Projection.”

Randy Cross Director of Event Services and Venues, SPIE