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The most complex and demanding aspects of any event.

Your presenters deserve perfection and attendees expect it.

The only thing more moving than your breakout sessions is the number of parts coming together to pull them off.


Breakout sessions can be tricky. It’s common to have hundreds of concurrent sessions with just as many speakers using multiple platforms adhering to a meticulously choreographed timeline – and your attendees expect perfection from each.


An AV and technology partner who can keep all the moving parts working in perfect sync and for whom hundreds of concurrent sessions are a walk in the park.


Projection is at ease with even the most technically complex and demanding concurrent sessions, from syncing multiple platforms, software and presentation tools to ensuring the guest speakers are comfortable and supported.

Breakouts meet breakthrough.

Whether your concurrent sessions run in the tens, dozens, hundreds (or anything in between), you need to stream content across the globe, or you have to present speakers as if they were in the same room, Projection ensures you have the capability, flexibility, and confidence you need to push the limits of what’s possible without worry or hesitation.

Digital Meeting Rooms

Networked or stand-alone breakout rooms with custom high definition video, state of the art IT infrastructure and expert management enable a clean and efficient delivery, capture and/or live stream of presentations. Why breakout when you can breakthrough?

Presenter Support

Nobody understands the critical role speakers play in the success of your event more than Projection. We ensure they get the esteem, support, and attention they deserve.

Cross-platform Support

From MAC to PC, PowerPoint to Keynote, Projection makes them all work seamlessly together so neither your agenda nor heart skip a beat.


It’s hard to know which sessions will be most popular with your attendees, which is why it’s critical to have a partner who plans for that uncertainty and is ready to ensure every attendee has a consistent experience with the information presented at your event.

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