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It's the experience that matters.

A lot of thought goes into every one of our productions.

And not surprisingly, quite a bit of thinking comes out of them as well. We invite you to look around and check out our latest musings. Perhaps you’ll find some insight, inspiration, and perspective to incorporate into your next live experience or brainstorm.

How to prepare presenters in virtual environment

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Like the majority of people these days, presenters are having to get used to delivering their talks virtually. While the experience of jumping on a Zoom has become ubiquitous for day-to-day meetings and even social gatherings, the reality is, when it comes to a large virtual event, there is likely much more a presenter will have to do – both to prepare for and deliver their session. Read More

Best Tools for Virtual Presentations

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As the tech people “in the room” (or, more accurately, behind the screen), we are often asked for our recommendations for the best technology and tools for virtual presentations. From lighting and sound to communication, we’ve compiled a list here that we hope will be helpful to our meeting planner partners as they prepare the speakers and presenters for their virtual events.  Read More

Meeting Profs Asked; We Answered: Top Concerns for Planning a Virtual Meeting

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I recently participated in a webinar to discuss everything that went into making CESSE’s annual virtual conference a success. Like so many meetings now, this was the first time the organization delivered a fully virtual experience to its members; the team behind it wanted to share what we learned, best practices and key considerations.

Throughout the webinar, we took questions from meeting professionals, which mirror many we consistently hear from clients and prospects:
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Virtual Meeting Resources

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We understand that our clients and meeting professionals across the industry are up against some really big challenges right now. As the coronavirus and COVID-19 continue to spread across the U.S., you are having to rethink your meeting(s).

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How to Write an AV RFP eBook

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What you’ll find and learn within these pages:

  • Current AV RFP landscape
  • What’s missing in today’s RFPs and how that impacts responses and your event
  • How to write – and what to include – for an effective RFP
  • Key take-aways

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