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Tech-Driven Inclusion: Enhancing Event Accessibility for All

By Projection

Events are for everyone.

If we are truly passionate about creating the best event experience possible, we have to ensure that everyone is part of the conversation, including individuals with disabilities. In making room for everyone at the table – and using the technology and design tools at our disposal to create inclusive, positive events – we can accommodate diverse audiences, allow the maximum number of people to participate and design an exceptional experience for all. Read More

Project Your Voice: Talking About Planning for Accessibility with Rosemarie Rossetti

By Projection

This is the eighth post in our “Project Your Voice” series. In this Q&A, we sat down with Rosemarie Rossetti, an independent Leading Disability Inclusion Expert, Universal Design & Accessibility Consultant. Since a traumatic injury left her partially paralyzed 25 years ago, Rosemarie has poured her heart into making meetings and events accessible spaces for everyone. Read More