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AANA’s Annual Business Meeting Was Redefined with Projection and Lumi Global’s Hybrid Approach

By Projection

For the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA), the annual business meeting – held during the association’s Annual Congress – represents the opportunity for its 60,000+ members the opportunity to give their input on the policies and platforms that impact them before the voting on the organization’s proposed bylaw amendments or resolutions takes place at a later date. Read More

Navigating Workforce Dynamics: Key takeaways to tackle labor challenges

By Projection

Even as the world moves beyond the pandemic, we still feel its residual effects. Inflation continues to drive up the prices of food, beverages and fuel. Meeting attendees expect more options, like hybrid events with remote sessions or immersive experiences – both depending on added technology and labor. All the while, the workforce is still in flux––91% of hotels find hiring a challenge, and in the US, we are still missing almost 2 million workers from the economy. Read More

Tech-Driven Inclusion: Enhancing Event Accessibility for All

By Projection

Events are for everyone.

If we are truly passionate about creating the best event experience possible, we have to ensure that everyone is part of the conversation, including individuals with disabilities. In making room for everyone at the table – and using the technology and design tools at our disposal to create inclusive, positive events – we can accommodate diverse audiences, allow the maximum number of people to participate and design an exceptional experience for all. Read More

After 50 years, it’s the people that [still] matter the most

By Projection

Fifty years ago, our founder, Dave Campbell, had a vision for what an audiovisual company should be: Professional, transparent, reliable and prepared (to name a few). He believed a client should be able to trust their AV partner to be a solid representative of their brand with stakeholders – attendees, sponsors, speakers and members. So, with a projector and a vision, Projection was born. Read More

With a hybrid command center, the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting becomes an example for the future

By Projection

Each year, the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) annual meeting draws more than 20,000 people from around the world to share information, collaborate with colleagues, network and learn about advances in earth and space science. And, there is a lot of information to present; over the usual five-day meeting, there are more than 10,000 individual presentations delivered each year.

So, as we started planning the fully virtual Fall 2020 meeting, the team had to get creative about how to design and execute an exceptional and flawless attendee experience that supported such a content-heavy agenda.

Read More

Still so much to be thankful for

By Projection

It’s easy to look at all we’ve lost this year, especially in the meetings and events industry. Our friends and colleagues have been hit especially hard, their livelihoods disrupted by the need to stay home.

And yet, we have seen those same friends, colleagues and business partners design, create and execute virtual experiences that rival the best in-person events. The creativity, innovation and perseverance we have seen across this industry continues to amaze and inspire me, and will carry me through the next few months as we await vaccine news and begin to find ways to gather together in person again. Read More