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Tech-Driven Inclusion: Enhancing Event Accessibility for All

By Projection

Events are for everyone.

If we are truly passionate about creating the best event experience possible, we have to ensure that everyone is part of the conversation, including individuals with disabilities. In making room for everyone at the table – and using the technology and design tools at our disposal to create inclusive, positive events – we can accommodate diverse audiences, allow the maximum number of people to participate and design an exceptional experience for all. Read More

Ask the Experts: Talking Association Event Trends with Dane Lonchay

By Projection

Since the pace of change in the meetings and events industry seems to be stuck on overdrive, we wanted to spend some time with experts in the field who can share what they are seeing, trends coming up (and going away) and how attendees are reacting to all of it.

This is our first post in our “Ask the Experts” series. Over the next several months, we will be talking to experts who hold different roles across the industry and sharing their insights here.

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Increased attendance (52%), collaboration, fun & learning: A Behind-the-scenes Look at the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Virtual Annual Meeting

By Projection

At Projection, we’ve been AAP’s audiovisual partner since 1983. Over that time, we’ve designed and executed some incredible and inspiring experiences together, aimed not only to deliver educational content to the association’s membership, but to convey, instill and re-invigorate their sense of community, pride and purpose. Each year, we strive to create experiences that build upon the unique community for which AAP is known. The end result is often goosebump-inducing, as the AAP team finds new and creative ways to inspire their passion-driven members. (Check out our video case study showing the 2018 in-person meeting.) Read More