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Simon-On-Site, Projection’s New Help! Button

By October 15, 2019November 9th, 2020Projection

Each of us has at least one experience when technology didn’t do what it was supposed to or we had a question about the technology we were using. That in itself can be annoying and stressful. But what happens when you find yourself in that situation and you’re in a room with 30 people all looking at you because you’re the presenter?

We recognized that’s entirely possible for presenters at meetings where there’s not a dedicated technician in each breakout room – and that wasn’t OK with us.

Our team of tech experts created Simon-On-Site, a one-click Help! button, to ease presenters’ tech troubles while reinforcing one of our core values: client-first. It’s incredibly simple by design because most of the presenters at a meeting are there to offer their deep expertise on a specific topic, not troubleshoot technology.

How it works

Each Simon-On-Site button has its own lithium battery power supply and built-in 4G wireless modem, so there is no need for Wi-Fi connections or plugs. Given the stand-alone nature of the buttons, clients who are having smaller meetings can use the tool for a direct line to their tech team. For larger meetings with dozens of breakout rooms, planners can put a button in each breakout room so every presenter has real-time access to an audiovisual expert.

Now, not every meeting needs a tool like this. Many have dedicated technicians in each breakout room to support presenters and troubleshoot when necessary. But for those who don’t, having a one-click connection to an expert can mean the difference between a smooth presentation and a room full of awkward silence while someone tries to chase down help.

Maybe it’s just because we’ve spent 50 years in the meetings industry, but that doesn’t seem like an exceptional or flawless experience to us. And since delivering those kinds of experiences is a commitment we make to our clients, we upgraded the way we do it.